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​Kentucky Tax Increase... On some Services
Many in Kentucky have always known that services were not something that was taxable. Well, as of April 27th 2018 some service industries in Kentucky will now be taxed. This, however; does not go into effect until July 1, 2018.​ ..... Continue Reading


​Credit Cards, Taxes, and Points

Not that long ago, I was looking at my points balance on my credit cards and was thinking that I should write some strategies on how to utilize your points for your credit cards so they will really benefit you. As of right now, .......Continue Reading


​4 Small Business Deductions with Big Impacts 

It seems that every year at this time, I always get several calls from small business owners that are looking for a new accountant for various reasons. Ultimately, we end up reviewing their tax .... Continue Reading


Business Miles for Realtors and Salespeople

The standard mileage rate for 2017 took a dip this year, but don’t let that stop you from using this method to your benefit. Unless of course you have already chosen to use the method of using actual .... Continue Reading


Is it Important to File your Taxes Early?

There are a number of reasons that I would recommend filing your taxes early. You could always fall back on the most common reasons and say “I spent too much during the holiday seasons and my credit cards are maxed and need to pay my cards off”. You could say.... Continue Reading


How to Increase your Tax Refund

I’m asked all the time “how can I get a bigger tax refund?” I always tell my clients that you need to  find ways to lower your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) The biggest way to lower your AGI and increase your refund is by following a few simple rules throughout the year​.... Continue Reading


Tips for Preparing for the Upcoming Tax Season

Many tax payers wait until the tax season has started before they start to gather their tax documents. By starting to gather your documents now, you can avoid last minute rushes, paying penalties on filing late, and getting a faster refund. Below are some easy ways to get started .... Continue Reading


I have been self-employed for a few years now and needed some help with the chart of accounts in my Sage 50 program. Jeff helped me to get it set up correctly. He also set me up with an excel spreadsheet for my home budgeting. Kudos Jeff!! Job well done!

Dave B.


Tomas Accounting save my money!! After an audit, Jeff reviewed my taxes and found mistakes that had been made by another company that could have meant thousands of dollars. I hesitated in calling because I was absolutely positive that nobody would be able to help me. Boy was I wrong! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jeff!

Melissa M. - Cincinnati, OH


Wow doesn't say enough! Jeff has done an amazing job with my books! My previous bookkeeper didn't do half of what Jeff does. He asked me questions that my other bookkeeper never asked and explained to me the importance of the questions and how they affect my taxes. It kinda makes me nervous that the other lady didn't ask. All she did was enter data! I have found my permanent accountant to do my books!

Daniel H. - Union, KY.


Jeff has been doing my books ever since I found his ad. I was skeptical about the whole virtual accounting thing, but he has been a Godsend! Thank you so much!!

Lisa W. - Louisville, KY


Jeff was very pleasant to work with. He was VERY helpful in cleaning up the chart of accounts, optimizing them for tax purposes, and getting our books caught up after having gone through 2 other "bookkeepers" who didn't know how to do their job.

Jeff is patient and understands people. He really took the time to listen to our needs and understand the unique details of our accounts and process.

Linda J. - Cincinnati, OH


Jeff took care of not only my books by my taxes as well. I thought for sure he was going to run when I handed him a box of files and multiple envelopes of receipts. He put all of my paper mess into QuickBooks, created my company file and filed my taxes. I would recommend him to anyone!

Nicole F. - Florence, KY


We had a small business that started out being run out of my home. We were recommended by our attorney who Jeff had been doing his bookkeeping in the middle of 2013. He moved our company from being run on Microsoft Excel to QuickBooks and has been our rock ever since we have worked together. He is knowledgeable and because of his dedication, we have been able to move our business into an office space. I can't say thank you enough Jeff!

Erica P. - Florence, KY

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