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Tax Center

In Depth Tax interview

We spend the time to ask our clients the most pertinent questions that apply to their unique tax situations. By doing this, it allows us to ensure that they will receive the biggest tax refund and lowest tax liability while remaining within the current tax laws. We also believe in getting to know our clients so that we can continue to assist them throughout every stage of their lives. We are not like the other guys and limit our availability to you, or worse... close after the tax season. We are open throughout the year to answer any of your questions.

Amended Returns

If you or another tax preparer in the past and either made an error or missed a valuable deduction, we will be happy to file an amended ax return for you.

Accuracy & Speed

We offer electronic filing (IRS e-file) with completion and payment of tax return. This filing is the fastest and most secure method. You can have your refund deposited directly into your checking or savings account. In many cases, your tax return can be prepared and filed with NO out of pocket expense! Additional fees apply.

The tax preparers at Tomas Accounting have a long history of preparing Federal and State income tax returns.